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Remember how your Falcon F7 Oppo post got Falcon's attention and a few silly rage posts. Someone from XV Motorsports just contacted me about my article, which was explaining my disappointment with their quality control after admiring their cars since I was a teen. I guess my article is now the second-most popular link… » 1/13/15 11:00pm 1/13/15 11:00pm

Grab your gas, we're going on a mountain trip...again! Here's the low-down: December 27th; Greenville, South Carolina; 8:00am starting time; Cars'n'Coffee stop-by; all-day mountain driving; stop at Lucky Otter for lunch in Ashville, North Carolina; and maximum driving joy. So far we have my Miata, Herr Quattro, RX-8, E36 318i,… » 12/06/14 2:58pm 12/06/14 2:58pm